Prep for Grad School helps Masters/college applicants in all stages of the application. Our top mentors help with master applications by optimizing college essays, help prepare top notch Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Resumes, CVs etc. We analyze your overall profile and recommend universities that best fit your profile. We also help prepare for interviews and provide guidance on student VISAs. Our Mentors will guide you in the whole process.

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Prep for Grad School is a group of qualified professionals aka Mentors who have gone through the same process in the past. We help candidates perfect their college applications before applying (Bachelors and Masters both). All of our mentors went to Top 20 universities and have great expertise in multiple domains, ranging from college applications to getting a job in a Fortune 500 company. They will provide dedicated and personalized feedback on all aspects of your profile.

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Get sample essays, SOPs for ideas. Drafting, editing and perfecting your SOP through comprehensive feedback from the mentors via phone and email, both.


Get sample LORs for ideas. Drafting, editing and optimizing your LOR through comprehensive feedback from mentors via phone and email, both.


Get sample Resumes for ideas. Drafting, editing and optimizing your Resume, SWOT Analysis of the whole profile with detailed feedback and recommendations on possible improvements.


Thorough analysis of all the components of your profile end to end, determining weaknesses in the application. Recommendation of 9 universities personally fitted to your profile categorized as Safe, Moderate and Ambitious.


Personalized guidance on non-application components of your profile. Brainstorm on topics such as College/Grad School life, Job/Internship search, VISA documentation, interview prep and networking techniques.


Individual feedback is necessary for maximizing your chances of getting multiple admits. Mentors will setup voice/video call to give recommendations on all the components of your profile with all the necessary documentation pertaining to the application.

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Prep For Grad School review by Abhyuday Thakur
Abhyuday Thakur MS in Engineering Management, Purdue University | Fall 2021

I came across Prep for Grad School through my college facebook page and it was so easy to get in touch with them. I got a free consultation that helped me immensely on how to proceed with the applications. Once enrolled, there were numerous valuable suggestions and constructive feedbacks given to me on all my admission documents like SOPs, LORs and resume. I started very late with the process but quick and cogent guidance helped me complete all my applications in time. Mentors helped me portray my motivation and story in a way I couldn't have done alone. They gave a personalized touch and flair to my internships, projects and work experience stories. To conclude, I owe a big part of my admissions to them and I definitely recommend the services offered by Prep for Grad School.

Atharv Testimonial image
Atharv Yeolekar MS in Data Science, Georgia State University | Fall 2020

I was recommended Prep for Grad School by one my fellow college mates and speaking to the mentors from the organization boosted my confidence a lot. Initially, I was asked to send a draft of my SOP and resume, and within a few days I received an elaborate feedback which consisted of detailed changes that had to be made in different sections of the SOP and a template for the resume along with the scores out of 10 for each of the sections. One of the most helpful advice I received from my mentor was to arrange my project details using the STAR methodology, which in turn made structuring both the documents easier. Apart from the intricate feedback, the best parts of Prep for Grad School that sets them apart are their prompt response and going through the process over and over again thoroughly.

Prep For Grad School review by Deepesh Pamnani
Deepesh Pamnani MS in Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology | Fall 2021

I was pretty overwhelmed with the application process but Prep for Grad School made the process so structured and streamlined for me. The team's constant motivation and perseverance towards my application was delightful. The regular feedback and follow-up on all the application materials ensured that I always applied in time to universities. The back and forth feedback on my SOP and Resume helped me a lot and proved to be the crucial part of my application. They helped me select universities that I applied to and also gave me the insights about them that I was unaware of based on location, tuition fee, academic curriculum and future job prospects. Overall, it built a great cohesion in my profile. I sincerely thank Prep for Grad School for helping me achieve my goal.

Heafshot of Nihit prakash
Onkar Samant MS in Business Analytics, University of Cincinnati | Fall 2019

I took Prep for Grad School's help for my graduate applications in the US. The team was able to help me structure my SOP better and recommend suggestions promptly. They were able to judge my SOP based on 4 different criteria and give feedback on what part I needed to improve on. Also, the team helped me with resume writing which I used during my applications. Since most team members have themselves been to top schools in US, they know exactly how to make improvements in SOP and convey a story with your profile. I was able to get multiple admits from prestigious universities and they helped me pick the best option considering my personal preferences. Overall, I was happy with their service and would recommend students who are applying for grad schools to contact them.

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