What we do?

We help Masters aspirants in all stages of the application. We suggest the best possible universities for your profile, review overall application including SOPs, LORs, resumes/CVs, provide information regarding VISA, jobs etc. We also connect candidates with mentors, help them prepare for interviews so that they apply with their best possible profile.

Who we are?

We are online service that helps candidates perfect their application before applying for their Masters (non MBA courses like MS, MEM, MIM etc.). All of our mentors went to Top 10 universities in their fields and have immense knowledge of their domain ranging from Masters application to finding a job in the foreign country.

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Padmaja Gohil

“The one on one sessions with mentors gave immense boost to my application”

  • Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) at Duke University
  • Implementation Consultant at One Trust
  • Location: Atlanta, USA


Chintak Sheth

“Amazing feedback for my SOPs from PrepforGradSchool. Highly recommend it.”

  • Masters of Science (MS) in Computer Science at Stony Brook University
  • Software Engineer at Facebook
  • Location: Menlo Park, USA


Aditya Tripathi

“I wouldn’t have made it to Amazon without PrepForGradSchool”

  • Masters of Science (MS) in Business Analytics at University of Rochester
  • Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon
  • Location: Seattle, USA


Priyanshi Churiwala

“It was definitely worth the investment”

  • Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) at Duke University
  • Consultant at Medalia
  • Location: Washington DC, USA


Sudhanshu Choudhary

“PrepForGradSchool helped perfect my resume for all universities I applied to”

  • Masters of Science (MS) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Columbia University
  • Electrical Engineer at Qualcomm
  • Location: San Diego, USA


Sahil Kashyap

“I got multiple admits because of PrepGradSchool”

  • Masters in Management at HEC Paris
  • M&A Analyst at Credit Agricole
  • Location: Paris, France